MESY s.r.l. was founded in 2000 as C System Global. It is an innovative SME that works in ICT sector and in high technology services.
We offer customizable Manufacturing Enterprise System (MES) products for Industry 4.0, using the latest technologies. With capability and expertise, our highly qualified team offers its know-how in programming Our mission is providing customers with innovative systems designed to increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve product quality. We are implementing solutions in several business areas such as mechanical and PCB production, Smart Agriculture and textile industry. Digital transformation and new technologies give us a great opportunity to contribute to a positive change.
MESY is now part of Dylog Group


Innovative SME

Innovative SME

Registered in Italy into innovative SME list of register of companies.

MESY s.r.l.

P.iva. 07913640012
Via Ivrea, 42 – 10019 Strambino (TO)
Via C.Lombroso, 25 – 10125 Torino
Tel. +39 0125 637167
Fax. +39 0125 637101