Production process under control

It is the modular, flexible and complete IT solution to boost productivity in a few clicks, improve the product and control the progress of continuous industrial production for mechanical parts.

Step into the future of Industry 4.0

MECHANIC MES - Metal mechanical components production is the modular, flexible and complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software for production management and control, capable of improving performance and increasing business.


  • Improves productivity using real-time data collected from the production system (machines, operators and other resources)
  • Improves and supports production planning through an algorithm capable of reducing waste in terms of time and resources
  • Improves product quality and compliance with required standards
  • Reduces production time
  • Allows real-time production monitoring
  • Allows performance analysis
  • Integrates with 4.0 (or earlier) machines and main management software

The product offers a concrete answer to the difficulties that the competitive environment poses in terms of timing, product quality, customer service and production scheduling.

It is currently used in companies operating in the automotive and mechanical sector. An indispensable tool to meet the challenges posed by the market and digital manufacturing.

Collects and processes production data in real time and in just a few clicks provides the necessary information to plan, manage and monitor the production process and the quality of the products on time.

Explore the operational areas of MES


  • product and warehouse master data
  • definition of the production cycle and bill of materials
  • shift and calendar management
  • users and operators configuration
  • machinery configuration and timing
  • integration with machinery and manual workstations
  • multi-site configurations
  • production traceability: The system traces the activities from the warehouse to the finished product thanks to identification barcode labels.

Real-time monitoring is made possible thanks to:

  • synergy between the central platform and the on-board devices:
    • The central platform thanks to the synoptic displays the status of the machines and of the production in real time. It reports the status of the machine, any alarms and production slowdowns as well as alerts for deviations in production schedules.
    • Onboard the machine, devices provide information on quantity (produced, expected, reject, make-up, remaining quantity), order progress and batch. An alarm system is designed to manage critical situations that are reported to the operator, thus requiring timely intervention by managers without loss of time. Appropriate alerts manage events related to quality control. Each workstation is also equipped with areas designed for the collection of documents (such as work instructions, technical sheets, etc.) and allows you to view the machine queue set at system level.
  • monitoring tools such as OEE indicator and reports

MECHANIC MES - Metal mechanical components production processes production orders automatically and distributes them to the work centers thanks to a finite capacity algorithm able to optimize the use of resources and total production time.
The results on Gantt are easily available with a user friendly interface that supports the user in the search of the information of interest.

MECHANIC MES - Metal mechanical components production provides a module that allows you to keep track of the status of all machines and equipment installed. In the dedicated section, it is possible to update the calendar of maintenance interventions to be carried out periodically (preventive maintenance) and to keep track of unscheduled ones.
For downtimes, these features are available:

  • Configuration of production stop causes
  • Management of suspensions and recording of consequent maintenance interventions
  • Management following a machine downtime
  • Production slowdown management

Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools help to maintain high quality standards in production. With MECHANIC MES - Metal mechanical components production, it is possible to define the methods of sampling and the surveys to carry out.
Our software provides tools for:

  • managing qualitative and quantitative measures through appropriate plans
  • managing measuring instruments
  • recording and consulting the samples taken
  • Obtaining pickup notifications on board of the machine
  • managing rejection causes

And other features

To support production monitoring, the system offers the possibility to export data in the most used formats (pdf, xls and doc).
The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) module allows a complete visibility of the plant, showing the process KPIs. Through an immediate and intuitive dashboard, you can apply advanced filters to generate detailed and dynamic reports.

On board of the machine, the HMI stations:

  • receive the orders to be produced
  • show the production status (quantity produced, rejects, order progress...)
  • make the necessary documentation available to the operator (such as data sheets, work instructions, etc.)
  • report machine stops or production slowdowns
  • send data collection alerts for quality

All activities carried out on board the machine are recorded by the system.
The system handles the sending of part programs to the machine.

The software collects and processes data from machines with 4.0 technology or earlier. It collects data including quantity and status (logical and physical) showing them in real time on board the machine (on the HMI interface) and on the synoptic.
MECHANIC MES - Metal mechanical components production allows to obtain tax benefits in the field of Industry 4.0

See MECHANIC MES - Metal mechanical components production in action

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