From mechanical to agri-food production, MESY offers fully equipped solutions, off-the-shelf products as well as customized applications focused on the integration and simplification of business processes.

Furthermore, the company provides a large selection of development services. Whereas the standard products do not meet specific business requirements, MESY can provide customized solutions built upon the customer's needs.

Mesy solutions

MESY empowers its offer with a very efficient advisory and customer service covering all the phases involved within the project of computer-based technologies: analysis, implementation, installation, configuration, software updates, user training and support.

MESY is ISO 9001: 2015 EA 37 certified. It also follows procedures in accordance with international quality standards in training (sector EA 37).
It offers 4.0 training services with the aim of consolidating and/or creating skills in the technologies that are the basis of the 4.0 paradigm.

Products MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

MECHANIC MES - Metal mechanical components production

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PLASTIC-MES Plastic components production

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EBOARD MES - Electronic boards

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AGRI MES - Agri-food production

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SPINNING MES - Textile fiber spinning

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