What is Industry 4.0?


Industry 4.0 (or Factory 4.0) refers to the adoption of technological and innovative tools in industry to improve plant productivity and product quality.

Industry 4.0 is based on certain principles such as:

  • Connectivity,
  • Communication and information
  • Real-time data management and analysis,
  • Introduction of new manufacturing and digital technologies such as robotics, advanced sensing, cloud computing, 3D printing and Internet of things (IoT).

Thanks to Internet of things an industrial object (sensor, machine, production line, industrial plant, storage system, ...) becomes connected to the infrastructure and is able to communicate data to the system.

In order for this data to be exploited and used to make decisions, it is useful to use MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software in production.

In fact, the application is integrated into the system and is able to translate the data collected into information, making it meaningful. This also allows precise knowledge of what is happening in the factory in real time.

What is MES software?

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a software for the management, planning and monitoring of production with the objective of collecting data at the plant level, processing it and making it immediately available to the user.

The Advantages of MES Software

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Savings in time and costs
  • Reduction of paper documents
  • Improved quality

Improved efficiency

Thanks to:

  • lower information loss
  • increased ability to intervene promptly and efficiently in case of unforeseen events (thanks to real-time monitoring of order progress and onboard the machine)
  • optimization of resources with the planning and monitoring tool
  • improved product quality through SPC data collection
  • lower waste in terms of rejects, errors and movements

Cost and time savings


  • Programming production
  • automatic transmission of production progress data from the machine
  • transmission of sampling data
  • Calculation of indicators
  • Identification of anomalies in line thanks to the synoptic

Reduction of paper documents

Digitalization of information and advanced connectivity enable the automatic capture of data from machines and operators (via on-board tablets), eliminating manual data collection and duplicate documents. Data reported on a centralized platform arecorrect and unique and arealso used to create customized reports

In addition...

    • is a modular system
    • flexible and adaptable to the needs of the company
    • interfaceable with ERP and machineries

Our MES solutions

In this context, MESY offers industrial MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions able to acquire real time data, monitor production, and digitalize the company. The technologies provided are Industry 4.0 enablers and enjoy the tax benefits provided by the National Industry 4.0 Plan.

PLASTIC-MES Plastic components production

PLASTIC-MES Plastic components production

Mass production of plastic components

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AGRI MES - Agri-food production

AGRI MES - Agri-food production

Production for farming companies

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